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Need help.
This sommer right front fender was replaced on my Tiguan 2012, much much later when my problems were exposed, may not be related.
This fall again , snow tire season.
My tire shop found right front wheel lock solid frozen could not install snow tires. Asked if I had recently any service done. For many years had no problems here of any kind.
Went to dealers body shop with not much help, after using impact gun all inside of key socked was sheered.
Dealer will not sell replacement key, would not give any help nor advice. Manager, if they were to do it, it may take hours of labour a new wheel hub and bearing perhaps

One tire shop after hearing Tiguan declined to extract wheel bolt. As he said it was a thankless job.
Now I am stuck, feel abandet.
Been mechanic one time had many VW products before such as sirocco, golf, 3 Audi a6, now Tiguan and golf.
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