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Wheel/Tire clearance question

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Hi All, newbie here. My apologies if this belongs in a different part of the forum...

I'm looking at getting the following tire/wheels for my 2014 MK6 and I’m concerned about rubbing on the outside fenders. Per tire rack there’s a chance that under load this combo might rub. I’m on stock height.

Bremmerkraft BR09
45mm offset (stock offset is 51mm on my VW Serrano wheels)

Continental DRW06
235/40 R18 (stock tires are 225/40 R18 Pirellis)

A tire calculator figured I would be moving the wheel/tire 11mm outward which is about .4” (less than half an inch). I’m upsizing to 235’s to get a bit of extra sidewall.

Anyone have experience with this size combo on stock height? Any concern for rubbing? I’ve heard of much more dramatic combos and lowered springs and not having an issue so just checking. THANKS!
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