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White Smoke. 2007 GTI 2.0l turbo

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My son and I have picked up a fixer-upper.

Which periodically has a lot of white smoke coming out of the tail pipe.

This is what we’ve done so far.

We’ve done a cold, fuel pump fuse out, compression test.

The result was 175 psi for each cylinder.

The oil is solid black. No bubbling.

The antifreeze is just antifreeze. There’s no oil mixed into the antifreeze.

We did find that the turbo had a big chunk of metal taken out of it.

The spark plugs are coated in oil.

At this point, I’m wondering if I replace the spark plugs, oil, and turbo, and if that’s the solution?

Appreciate the help.


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Get a fresh set of plugs for proper testing.
Assuming the rings are ok ( good compression reading only tells you the valves are seated ) there are only three places from where you would get oil into the cylinder head.
White smoke on de acceleration ..... hard or worn valve guides and seals
White smoke at cruise and NOT under load... head gasket oil gallery seal failure ---- will only affect 1 or two spark plugs.
White / blue smoke under load at low to mid acceleration.... Ring wear. will also see when coming back to idle.
White blue smoke under hard acceleration ... bad turbo seal / impeller
You’ve said it.
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