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White smoke from exhaust

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I have a 2001 Jetta gls 1.8t and when I bought it it had no intercooler I bought the intercooler and put it on and it started smoking white from exhaust and had a bad boost leak so I did some research and learned my seals in my turbo were bad so I bought a used turbo that was in great working order and i just put it on and it still smokes white from the exhaust but it doesn’t have a blown head gasket I know for sure because the oil was fine when I drained it and it was fine when I did an oil change not even 100 miles ago. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
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Is it smoking all the time or just on the over run?. Generally if it smokes on the over run it can be attributed to valve stem seal problems. A faulty EGR might produce your symptoms. Try not to run too long in this condition as you might wreck the oxygen sensor.
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