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Wiper Motor Issue 05 Touran TDI

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Hi all, new to this forum but not Vws.. need a little help please, I took a trip to the only local scrap yard with touran's in this morning to get a d/s wiper motor as the arm on my wiper motor had broke, managed to find one stripped it off and took it back home, now when I've went to change it I noticed the motors are different, they're both 12v but shape and part number are slightly different, I took it off an 05 fsi as didn't think it would matter with it just being a wiper motor, the part fits no problem but connector sits on a different side although it still plugs in but it's not working.. now would it make a difference if it was from an Fsi and not a TDI or is just a faulty part?... in hindsight I should have taken mine off and took it with me to compare but not thinking they'd be different I didn't. Any advise would help thanks..

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