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my car wouldn't start last night. i put in a different battery, it started but died almost right away. I got it started, drove it, hoping the alt would charge the battery, but no.

this morning in the light I noticed a red wire coming from the battery is broken off from somewhere but I dont know where. there are three wires hooked up to the alternator, and it does not look like it comes from there.

this wire is definately broken, it had one fo those connectors on it and only part of it is there, and the wire ends look clean and freshly snapped off.

I am not sure if this is my entire problem, but I think I need to start here.

I have never worked on cars really, other than changing oil and tires, things like that, and I am a girl, so this stuff is not easy for me.

I do have my Haynes manual, but cant find a good picture of these w View attachment 9190 ires.

this wire is coming from the positive terminal, four wires altogether, three being red. all others are attached.

I have pictures of the wir View attachment 9189 es. it looks like it came from somehwere in the vicinity of the alternator.

I just bought this car a week ago. i was told the alternator is new.

View attachment 9188 Any help?
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