I'm new here but I've been a gearhead my whole life, mainly with early Porsches (although I owned a Bug once that totaled on a surfing trip to San Onofre).

I started building LED headlights for air cooled Porsches a little over 5 years ago (I'm air cooled all the way). They've become pretty popular and of course there had to curve ball. The buckets I use are the VW buckets with adjustment screws at 2:00 and 8:00 made up to 1967 (part number 111941037C I think). I imagine most here are familiar with this issue but the reproduction buckets disappeared a few months ago. I've heard that there was a factory fire, supply choakage, who knows.

I only need the buckets and the interior rings that hold the bulbs. I don't need any lenses or trim rings. If you happen to have some of those laying around I'm prepared to buy in quantity.

Thanks for checking this out.